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What am I cooking?

For me, it is simple. Food is life. Life is food. Sound good? You betcha! I have always enjoyed food but surprisingly, I have not always enjoyed cooking.

For much of my twenties, I have cooked for the sake of it. If you didn’t know already, food is necessary for our survival, and I don’t do takeaway every night, so… I cooked. My mum (a great cook) taught me the basics after I successfully made toast without incinerating it to death: poaching eggs, making a white sauce, doing a basic chicken roast…that kind of thing. She spent much time being exasperated at how little interest I really had in cooking. I just wanted to eat it – who could be doing with the cooking part honestly?!

A simple but special snack of cream cheese and smoked salmon on brown bread with lemon and cracked pepper

Finger food treats: dates wrapped in bacon and slices of cream cheese and smoked salmon with lemon and cracked pepper

However, over time I have developed a taste for experimenting in the kitchen. It seems that the advent of my dirty thirties has transformed me into a domestic goddess in the kitchen – perfect wife material wink wink! The cooking gene has been truly activated and for the last couple of months, my kitchen has been filled with the wafting scents of melting chocolate and spices so strong they would make your eyes water.

Today, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things that I am cooking right now…

1. The yummiest chicken curry ever (which I often make with just vegetables). I love the fact that this recipe doesn’t require coconut cream so it is pretty low-fat to boot. Remember: coriander, coriander, coriander – go nuts with the stuff.

2. I am obsessed with slow-roasted belly pork at the moment.  A superb dish if you have a couple of people over for dinner on the weekend, or for one if you want to be piggy – pun intended! You need at least 5 hours to cook the meat, but it is super simple. Danger alert: watch the crackling like a hawk when you crisp it under the grill!

3. I’ve been baking up a storm of sweet treats just for the fun of it. I ended up making so many Anzac biscuits one weekend, I had to take them into work for my colleagues to eat! They loved them. Check out the recipe here and definitely add the extra pumpkin and sunflower seeds – nom nom nom.

Another favourite - lemon tart with raspberry coolis...melt!

Another favourite – lemon tart with raspberry coolis…melt!

4. If I am running running low on time (or energy) I often go for the classic tomato and basil fettucine with onion, garlic, green beans and roasted pumpkin added in. Tip: the pumpkin can roast in about 10-15 minutes if you microwave it first!

5. A super simple sweet treat for dessert – baked banana! Slice a banana in half, lay it in a small baking dish, drizzle lightly with olive oil, and sprinkle a small amount of soft brown sugar on top.   Grill on high for about 5 minutes, until golden brown and crispy! Serve with a scoop or two of vanilla bean ice cream – muah!

Get cooking peeps x

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